Kan du tale spansk? Man har brug for dig i USA

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Mangler du arbejde? Vil du arbejde i USA? Har du de rette kvalifikationer? Berhersker du det spanske sprog? Læs her: 

"This is already happening in construction. "Nowadays, managers have to be able to speak Spanish -- it's fast becoming a job requirement," says a US Bureau of Labor Statistics economist who studies the building trades. (...) Currently, only 3.6 percent of RNs are Hispanic/Latino, hardly enough to meet the needs of the growing Hispanic/Latino patient population. The demand is already so great that non-US citizens who have nursing specializations beyond the RN (and even in some cases, if they are RNs without any additional specializations) may qualify for H-1B visas, which allow US businesses to temporarily hire qualified foreign employees in specialty occupations."